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What is The Dual Edge Ripper? Deckle Edge Maker

What is The Dual Edge Ripper? Deckle Edge Maker

The Dual Edge Ripper is a tool used to make a feathery hand-torn deckled edges to photographs, ink jet prints, fine art papers, and writing papers. Use it on any fibrous papers that can be torn re: watercolor paper, photo paper, laser paper, inkjet paper. Yes, even up to 500gram in weight. These tools have Sharp Laser Cut Edges and are made of Clear Acrylic which...

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The Deckle Edge Tool

The Deckle Edge Tool

What is a deckle edge? Paper with a feathered edge is described as having a deckle edge, in contrast to a cut edge. Machine-made paper may artificially have its edges produced to resemble a deckle edge. Before the 19th century, the deckle edge was unavoidable, a natural artifact of the papermaking process in which sheets of paper were made individually on a deckle....

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The Extreme Dual Edge Ripper Tool
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