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History of the Dual Edge Ripper

Aloha my name is Randy Hufford

and I am a Fine Art Print Maker/Photographer

I invented the Dual Edge Ripper out of a need to add perceived value to prints I make by adding a deckle edge to fine art prints. I experimented with all sorts of products to add this feathery edge to prints. I even tried creasing paper, wetting the edge of the paper, and using different mediums to help tear the edge like aluminum, metal, and acrylic. Acrylic became the obvious choice since you could see thru the material to help line up where you wanted the torn edge.

When I first invented this tool, I made the edge by hand using a bench grinding wheel that had 5 grinding wheels bolted together and the grinding wheels I shaped with a grinding wheel shaper. I had to push the acrylic into the spinning grinding wheel multiple times to make the edge with its shape and beveled so it was sharp.

My Dad and my son did this for me and it was extremely labor intensive. We sold so many that they could not keep up with the demand. They reported that we had to find a new way to mass produce the Dual Edge Ripper.

So, our next endeavor was to find a manufacturer that had a C and C router table to help cut the edge. This lasted for a while, but it was too expensive for the bits since we wanted the bits to give us a bevel edge for sharpness and these bits where not designed to give a bevel edge. The bits kept breaking and wearing out.

At this time, we used a laser to engrave the logo on acrylic and we came up with idea to use laser to cut the edges. We talked to laser manufacturers, and laser users and everyone said it was impossible to use the laser to cut an edge at an angle which we needed to have a sharp edge. My Dad (Ric) who is an inventor handyman type invented a special jig that allowed us to cut our edges the way we wanted them. Then my son (Kyle) trained himself how to use this machine to make these edges. At first, we found a gentleman that would use his laser with my dad’s invention to produce these Dual Edge Rippers. Then we purchased a laser and started making our own. We did this out of my son’s garage in CA. Recently we purchased another laser in our Hawaii location where I do my print making since my son worked full time and could not keep up with the demand.

During the beginning years I designed the first Dual Edge Ripper with edges that we now call “The Original”. After around 5 years of selling this model we decided to make a newer better ripper that we now call “The Classic”. Well as fate would have it, it wasn’t newer or better just different, it made different feather edges.

A gallery in Soho NY was using the “Original” ripper for all their prints. They used this tool so much that they wore it out and had to order a new one. Our new model was a different edge and they could not make the same look any more. They called us pleading to make “The Original” again. Thus, the different models were born. “The Original” then “The Classic” and out of customer requests that wanted an even more feathered look we made “The Extreme”. Each model has two edges – a soft edge and a hard edge. Now we have 3 models and 6 edges total.

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